Gemlok is well known for its bridal and high-end fashion jewelry. Gemlok is another example of a value added, long-term working relationship between IGS and its clients. Over the years, we have worked closely with the company providing a full range of marketing support to ensure that they stay ahead of the trends. Gemlok is the embodiment of what a full-service creative agency can do for a company.

IGS was instrumental in the rebranding of the company from Gemveto to Gemlok. This project was designed to capitalize on the company’s trademark designs and its Gemlok collection, and to reinforce a brand image that bolsters female self-purchase, supporting the empowerment of women. 

IGS developed Gemlok’s social media channels and manages all of its digital content. We recently designed and built their new website, incorporating both B2B and B2C functionality. The addition of direct-to-consumer outreach, along with the continuing support for trusted retailers, enables us to build e-mail and direct mail campaigns that support their new marketing strategy.